Working Together

I think we can all agree that transit in Guelph could be vastly improved. First we need to move away from using the University and Downtown as hubs and change to a grid system. Transit needs to be more affordable; we need electric buses; we need to ensure we are providing safe areas to access transit; and, it needs to be as efficient as possible. Let’s start thinking outside the bus.

We need to ensure our bicycle lanes are safe for all to use. We need to ensure sidewalks and crosswalks are safe in all areas of the city to encourage cyclists and walkers to enjoy those activities and reduce their dependance on cars when possible.

Lastly, we need to be realists. People are always going to want cars. And we can help them in many ways.

Here is my 7 point plan for reducing personal vehicle emissions while keeping our residents (especially those of us in Ward 6) happy:

  • Anyone living in Guelph who purchases an electric vehicle will receive property tax incentives.
  • The city will install the necessary charging apparatus free of charge for any resident who has purchased an electric car.
  • All car dealerships will have to carry 50% of their inventory in electric cars. They will also receive tax incentives for every electric vehicle they sell.
  • All car rental companies will be required to carry 50% of their inventory in electric cars.
  • All non-electric cars sold will require a levy to be added to the price.
  • Working with the province, we will ensure that every lender (those would be the big banks and insurance companies who already make >$1 BILLION each quarter in profits) must offer up to 10 years, interest-free loans for any purchase of an electric vehicle.
  • No new developments in the city will be approved that contain drive-thru lanes and we will work to eliminate all drive-thru lanes in the city.

I know that no longer having drive-thru lanes will be painful to give up. However, I would rather sacrifice that little convenience to still be able to own and drive my car through the city without worrying about further congestion.

We can’t keep trying to force people to cycle when our lanes are not all safe (especially in winter because we can’t seem to clear our streets properly). We can’t keep trying to force people to walk when the places they need to go are too far away. We can’t keep trying to force people to use transit when it is inefficient and not affordable.