Stop The Guelph Gravy Train

Happy Thanksgiving Guelph Residents! Not only is it Thanksgiving, advanced voting for the municipal election started today and continues Sunday and Monday at City Hall. You can also vote in advance next weekend; you can vote over the phone and you can vote by mail. For all of the info you need to vote:

Make sure you GET OUT AND VOTE!! Let’s work together to STOP THE GRAVY TRAIN!

Do you recognize any of your candidates riding the gravy train? Surely that is our mayor out front.

Make sure you know what your candidate is about, and who they are affiliated with. Our Mayor has hand-picked candidates across all wards. Some have already been on the gravy train for 8 years or more and some he has recruited to run this year.

When our mayor says, “I need a council that will work with me,” what he is really saying is he needs his buddies on council to help further their agenda.

We are talking about the 1% here. These councillors are making 6 figures already, and love the fact that they get a bonus $50,000 for attending a few meetings and some black tie events, while continuing to spend your hard-earned money on surveys and consultants instead of getting things done. They recently voted to keep city council part-time. Of course they did. A full-time council would be a public service; they voted for self-service. A full-time council would have stopped the gravy train.

This is the group that has been in power in our city for 8, 12 or more years. Let’s take a look at their accomplishments:

  • Your property taxes continue to be some of the highest in the region.
  • You have seen a steady decline in services such as snow removal.
  • Our infrastructure (especially our roads) is crumbling.
  • No shovels in the ground for the South End Community Centre.
  • No shovels in the ground for the Main Library.
  • The cost for these two projects is currently estimated to be $142 million – up from the original estimates of $62 million. They have wasted $80 million of your money.

Is this the council you want for the next four years?

These individuals are not in touch with the residents of Guelph. Do you think they understand what it is like to be a single parent struggling to keep a home for their family and keep food in their stomachs? Do you think they can do anything more than pay lip service to what people who are struggling with mental health issues or addiction need?

There are many fantastic candidates in all of the wards, as well as excellent candidates running against our incumbent mayor. These are people who are passionate about the city; who have boots on the ground directly helping those residents who are struggling; who have experienced hardship and know the services that are needed to help residents get back on their feet and improve their quality of life.

We need a compassionate council, not an elitist one. We need NEW ideas, NEW energy and NEW collaborative efforts to GET THINGS DONE.

IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE. Get out there and vote for a better municipal government.