About Me

This combines two of my favourite pastimes: golf and soccer!

I am a single father of three awesome children whom I have raised essentially on my own. I fully understand the challenges that being a single parent brings; as well as the triumphs. I believe that the City should be able to help single parents in a variety of ways.

I worked in Mississauga for a private club from 2008 until I was downsized out of the company in 2021. Between then and now, I have been looking for ways that I can give back to the community through my work as well as my volunteer hours. As a result, I have decided to run as a candidate for Guelph City Council.

I have spent the last several years volunteering and making a difference through a variety of roles at Guelph Soccer, including: Secretary of the Board of Directors, Rep Coach and House League Coach. Between my work history and my volunteer hours, I have learned a great deal and have been able to collaborate alongside some wonderful and talented individuals.

I bring a wealth of Governance and Administration knowledge, budgeting experience, and leadership acumen, with tons of enthusiasm and passion. In my opinion, the Mayor and the City Councillors must work with the City staff as one big team – all pulling in the same direction for the benefit of our residents. My experience working with and leading teams has prepared me to make sure the entire team is working for you!

Please take advantage of the form on this page to sign up for my newsletter and stay informed. Working together, we can make Guelph the best place to live in Ontario!